• Nanaca Crash

    FreeLensing is the creator of the app-port of the famous Nanaca Crash!! Flash game. In the zeroes, thousands if not million played this game in their lunch breaks. The mystery:

    Why isn’t there a Nanaca Crash app ??

    wasn’t solved until march 2014. I could not find any reason not to make the game, so I studied the original game – made by the unfindable hero “Tak Narumiya” – and started to build an app version for both Android and iOS. It was a real challenge to keep it as close to the original, since the game isn’t as simple as it looks. The app version also works with bitmaps in stead of (vector) movie clips. That’s where Starling came in handy.

    screenshot1136x640_2 screenshot1136x640_3

    I hereby apologize for all lost hours and cracked phone screens.


    And suddenly the original creator of the game woke up. With sadness I must inform you that my version is no longer available.